New Single Has No Set Date

January 3, 2011 By Jordan Miller


Z100 is covering their tracks, saying though they have heard the track, they’re not commenting on when it’s actually debuting. From their Facebook:


1/7 was a fact when we reported it, but then it changed at some point. These things happen sometimes. Not sure what the holdup is, but you’re going to love it when it does drop!

We’re not going to say a thing in case it changes again 🙂

It’s under lock and key at Jive, but we’ve heard it, and it’s fantastic!

Jive confirmed January 7 with Z100 before the holiday break. But things are always subject to change!

Why Britney’s team has no set date is beyond me, but it’s a new year, a new era and time to start getting in touch with the fans!

But since Z100 has confirmed they’ve heard it, the song is out there. Somewhere. And it’s only a matter of time before it leaks!