New Selena Gomez Music Coming For Your Favs

Selena Gomez started recording new music.

Selena’s moved on from her “For You” greatest hits album faster than her fans have! She’s currently recording new music, and is keeping a watchful eye on it – she’s going to avoid any and all leaks this time around.

“I have been writing and recording — now. I just started,” she tells Inquisitr. “I’m probably going to be on lockdown. I’m literally going to hold on to it for as long as I can.”

Selena declined to reveal what producers she’s collaborating with. Meh.

“I don’t wanna say just yet. You’ll see it. It’ll be all over Instagram soon.”

In other words, Darkchild and Rock Mafia.

“I will be working on some new stuff, and then by the time touring happens I’ll be able to — hopefully — play both records.”

If I see an Iggy Azalea collaboration I am giving up on life.