A 4-track sample from Britney’s new album is reportedly being sent to media outlets in preparation for the album launch in March. The rumor details a few tracks from the CD, including new track titles “Antidote,” “Switch You On” and “I I I Wanna Go.”


“Antidote”, the second track from the sampler, brings new cards to the table when it comes to the pop tart. Taking classes from Ke$ha, Britney showcases her rap/sing abilities alternating distorted vocals – think Daft Punk – in a disco-infused song. Best track from the sampler.

“Switch You On” is the typical **** midtempo. Britney oozes sexuality whispering throughout the verses and ending the chorus with the lyrics: “If I turn the lights off / I wonder if it would switch you o-o-on” suceeded by an unplugged electric guitar.

“I I I Wanna Go O O” is, perhaps, the weakest track on the sampler. The typical Dr. Luke bass and Martin’s doll-esque vocals makes the song sound like a Sugababes’ “About You Now” revival. Not quite there.

Are you ready?

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