Britney is featured as the cover story on this week’s issue of Rats Star magazine.

Brit & Kevin caught in bed! reads the headline.

“They are seeing each other every day,” a tour source tells OK!. “When Kevin’s had the boys for the day, they greet their mom with hugs and kisses, and their dad fills Britney in on how they spent their time. It’s just like any other family when one of the parents
comes home from work.”

“They have such a complicated history, but Britney has never stopped caring about him,” a Federline family member tells OK!. “Now that she has put most of her problems behind her and is making an impressive concert comeback, she’s feeling like she, Kevin and the boys could have a fresh start.”

Arrrrrrgh! How am I violating Britney’s rights to publicity and privacy and “profiting” off BreatheHeavy when ****** tabloids like this plaster her face all over the country purposely for a profit while using her image, name and persona.


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