Britney’s featured on the latest issue of Star magazine with allegations her and Jason split.

Star claims Jason’s lived alone in a hotel for weeks after he confessed to her that he, “Never really loved her.”

Reports surfaced in 2010 claiming Jason cheated on Britney with his former assistant Jessica Steindorff.

Though Jason denied the affair, Britney remained jealous.

One source tells the National Enquirer the entire engagement was more of a business deal than a romance. “I think Britney’s father hired Jason to be her watch­dog from the very beginning,” they said.

“Jamie wanted Britney to fall for Jason so he wouldn’t have to be with her all the time,” explained the source. “If that’s true, and she’s finally figured that out, she will call off their wedding.”

“As Britney’s court-appointed guardian, Jason is basically paid to be her keeper, and it seems like he’s at her side all the time,” said the source. “Britney doesn’t like it, but she has no choice.”

Britney’s role on The X Factor only magnified their problems, said the source.

“If Britney walks off the set, dawdles in her dressing room or complains about some­thing, Jason tells her to quit acting like a diva,” revealed the source. “The friction be­tween them is ruining the ro­mance for Britney.”

However, a source tells GossipCop the reports are “not true,” adding the tabloid “fabricated events to make a cover story.”

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