Here we go, back to reality. I missed reading the funny headlines. I mean after OK!’s positive cover, I was worried the rest would follow in its footsteps this week. Thank God that’s not the case!

The new Star cover (same magazine claiming Brad and Angelina got married earlier this week) claim Britney and Kevin had a “Secret Wedding” recently. Wait wait it gets better! They secretly met in Maui to discuss a new custody arrangement, they met on Easter, that Britney bought Kevin an expensive *** gift, and that Kevin wants Britney back!

I think they’re confusing Lynne with Britney. JOKE! Breathe… breeeeeeeeeathe.

UPDATE: Us Weekly spoke to Kevin’s rep who confirmed the story was 100% FALSE. The picture used on the cover was a private photo from Britney & Kevin’s honeymoon on Turtle Island.

As if we didn’t already know…

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