New "Piece Of Me" Dates Announced

Britney announced new dates to “Piece of Me” at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Planet Hollywood President David Hoenemeyer says Britney is one of the hottest singers on the strip right now, joining veterans Celine Dion, Elton John, Rod Stewart and Shania Twain.

“Her star power is so big, there’s really nobody in the pop world or entertainment world who is like her today,” Hoenemeyer tells the Las Vegas Sun. “Obviously I have my own prejudices because this is at my own property, but I believe she is the best of the best. No disrespect at all intended toward Celine, Shania or Elton John, Rod Stewart — these are magnificent performers — but what I look at is how she resonates to the younger crowd. That’s where a lot of the business goes. You need to develop that younger group of customers who will have that staying power, and we believe they will come to see her.”

Bruno Mars begins a residency at the Cosmopolitan Hotel at the 3000-seat Chelsea venue this December as well.

“Sure, I think that it’s an interesting run, and he’s immensely talented, there is no questioning that,” Hoenemeyer said. “But again, I go back to the staying power of Britney, with 15 years on the scene and no end in sight as I’m concerned. No respect to Bruno, but that is a high bar to reach for, it really is.”

“I’ll tell you, she has lived up to every expectation, whether it’s ticket sales or the anecdotal information we’ve received related to her dress rehearsals, the production, the way the show and theater looks,” Hoenemeyer said. “Knock on wood, I think everything is where it needs to be. I feel really good about it.”

The LVS reports the production of the show will feature 14 dancers, a five-musician rhythm section and multiple set changes.

Tickets go on sale Saturday. Who’s going?!