UGH. This update isn’t even because I care about these new pictures of Britney performing in Japan 2 weeks ago that her official website just posted today. It’s more about the fact that it’s been like, 24 hours since I’ve updated my baby BreatheHeavy / I can’t stand to see that ***** Victoria Prince’s face at the top of the page anymore. I’ve missed you guys.

So in an effort to keep what’s left of my sanity in check (let’s face it, I’d be passed out in a gutter somewhere if I didn’t have this website), here’s an update with pictures of Britney performing at the NTV 2008 Awards. Someone tell their photo editor that they ARE allowed to adjust the contrast and levels so we can actually see her (you can’t tell by the pics below – I took the initiative). Just saying… Click below to view:

So… how was X-mas?

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