New One Direction Song Snippet!

Updated: Hear a bit of what’s to come from their fifth album.


Someone has “accidentally” stumbled across new 1D audio.

It’s unknown when or how this footage leaked but we can now hear a bit of what’s come from the band’s near completed fifth album, due by the end of the year.

Update: The YouTube video was removed (probably after their songwriter discovered it had leaked) but a tumblr user managed to rip the audio before it was taken down. Listen here.

From what can be heard over the whispers of the leaker (who can’t tell the diff between autotune and harmonizing), the catchy song appears to have a similar rhythm and mood to Stockholm Syndrome, a fan and critic favorite from their previous album Four.

Even though Louis Tomlinson can’t be heard in this particular snippet, it seems as though 1D has had no trouble adjusting to a Zayn-free vocal lineup.

No word yet on whether Never Enough is the actual title or not, but it seems likely.

What do you think of the new 1D song?

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