New OK!

May 28, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Britney’s front and center on the cover of OK! again… SHOCKER! ***** that the parents have a deal with a tabloid. The headline this week reads: “Brit’s private mommy moments.” Well they’re not private anymore! And I’m proud of myself, cause I never posted that set of pictures. Round of applause please!

What irks me even more is what it says underneath: “Finally happy and dating a good man, she’s becoming the mom she always wanted to be.” I’m going to get chewed up and spit out for this, but I don’t want her with Jason. Not now at least. It’s too early. But what do I know. “As long as he makes her happy blah blah blah.”

And “becoming the mom she always wanted to be?” I think she’s been a great mom from the start. A mom under the microscope, but a great mom nonetheless.