Check out Jamie Lynn & Casey Aldridge in the newest issue of OK! Magazine. I think I have tourettes after reading this interview, because I found myself shouting “********” after every answer Casey said.

Interviewer: There was also a story that you’d gotten Kelli pregnant.
Casey: I’ve never heard this one. That’s news to me.
Interviewer:Did you ever get another girl pregnant?
Casey: There was never another girl pregnant, ever. I’m 19. Jamie’s the only girl I’ve ever had pregnant.
Interviewer: You never had *** with her [Kelli]?
Casey: Not the least bit.

Sounds like damage control to me – and a whole lot of denial. Click below to view:

PS – no joke, I heard that Casey saw Kelli recently. Guess we’ll have to wait for the next issue of OK! to clear this up…

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