Let Cherryade light up your hump day.


Let Cherryade light up your hump day.

If you could pour Charli XCX, Lady Sovereign, M.I.A. and Icona Pop into a cauldron and swirl the indie electro pop soup around, you’ll get a creation that sounds like British duo Cherryade’s new song “Fractured Fairytales.”

The electronic song is designed to elevate your heart rate, combining sing-talking and Nintendo-like synths to hammer it home, and it’s thanks to producer Dimitri Tikovoi, (who’s worked with Charli XCX), Ian Watt and Lewis Gardiner. According to Wonderland Mag, “Fractured Fairytales” is the Londoners debut single off their upcoming EP out later this year.

“Fractured Fairytales” both spreads a message on the state of society and has some intense dance beats.

It’s true.


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