First of all, the lady at the check-out counter asked me “Is this for YOU?,” as she glances down at the National Enquirer and Orbit gum I planned on purchasing.

Like it’s not embarrassing enough to go out and buy this ****, but for her to call me out on it? Anyway…

Britney is featured in the latest issue of the National Enquirer.

Britney is “so desperate to get out from under her father’s control that she’s ready to quit performing, sources say.

‘I want out of show business,’ the distraught star told a pal.

‘Britney wants her life back,’ continued a source. ‘She figures that if she doesn’t have the big bucks, her Daddy will go away.”

‘Britney says her life is pure hell because Jamie won’t let her date, get remarried or have more children,’ says a source.

According to the source, Jamie keeps Britney in line by promising that he’ll help her regain custody of her sons Sean and Jayden.

‘Jamie tells Britney that after the tour, he will file for her to regain custody. But he’s made it clear that it would happen only if Britney finishes the tour and follows his guidelines.'”

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