New Music: The Return of Chic Featuring Nile Rodgers

March 20, 2015 By Aaron


Fancy starting your Friday with some disco?

Then you’re in for quite the treat.

Nile Rodgers has debuted his first track with Chic in 23 years. Predictably, it’s an instant smash which capitalizes on the renaissance that disco, funk and soul are experiencing right now.

Watch the video for “I’ll Be There” below:

Rodgers premiered the track during this morning’s lunar eclipse to symbolize the rebirth of Chic or some other nonsense, but as pretentious as his launch date was, the track is outstanding. Rather than trying to update a genre he was instrumental in the inception of, Nile has simply stuck to what he and Chic are good at.

“I’ll Be There” (sadly not a cover of the best unreleased track from ‘…Baby One More Time’) is disco in it’s purest form, complete with an infectious instrumental hook, a deliciously ’70s melody and horns for days, this’ll take you back to ‘Saturday Night Fever’ in the best possible way.

Interestingly, the song was originally a lost demo from Chic’s glory days which Nile Rodgers came across back in 2010 and decided to finish working on. It’s also a tribute to Chic member and co-founder Bernard Edwards who passed away in 1996.

Chic are responsible for disco classics like “Good Times”, “Everybody Dance”, “I Want Your Love” and of course “Le Freak”. They’re simply one of the best bands of the last fifty years, so if you don’t know who they are, I emphatically suggest that you…

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What do YOU think of “I’ll Be There”?