Pentatonix graduates Scott and Mitch are “putting on some old school Britney”.


Superfruit have arrived.

Dissatisfied with taking over the acapella scene, Pentatonix members Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi have teamed up for a major pop release by way of new single “Bad 4 Us”. The sunny, percussive bop is a much more mainstream effort than fans of the guys will have seen from their work in PTX, but it’s by no means less enjoyable. Their smooth harmony buzzes over a simple but effective track, the song sounds fundamentally ready for radio and with a Britney Spears reference in the lyrics, they’re selling it pretty hard to us.

The video is simple but innovative enough to be worth the watch and is reminiscent of the alternative art style of late ’00s acts like La Roux and Robyn. There’s a strong LGBT theme and a cute gay plot twist in the end, which is always appreciated in the far too hetero-normative music industry, and honestly, it’s still exciting to hear male vocalists using male pronouns to sing about their love interests. The song and video provide a very subtle, but much needed, touch of representation.

All things considered, it’s a strong first foot out the door for Superfruit (as Hoying and Grassi are collectively known) but where this leads is still murky. They’re still touring with their wildly successful acapella group Pentatonix, although the video promises new music from the duo come 2017.

Which is not soon enough as far we’re concerned.

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