The first single from UK group’s third album finally surfaces.

Little Mix Release New Song "Black Magic"

British girl group Little Mix are back with…more of the same.

It’s been two years since Little Mix released their last album and now the girls are back with first single Black Magic.

It’s an up-tempo summery tune, though it’s not quite as strident or instantly catchy as some of their past efforts.

Check the leak out below:

Little Mix explained the meaning of the song to Sugarscape recently:

“The message of Black Magic is basically that we are the girls with the secret potion and we’re going to give it to all the other girls that want to get the man they want to get…I think the potion is a little metaphor for confidence. Just have a little bit of confidence and get your man!”

No word on what to do if you’re a girl who’s not into men! White magic, perhaps?

The girls debuted the cover art for the single a few days ago on twitter:

Little Mix confirmed back in February that their third album was already completed, but there is still no official title or date so far. The group apparently wrote over 100 songs for the record, including, of course, the track that would eventually become Pretty Girls.

What do YOU think of Black Magic?