Happy New Music Friday: August 10, 2018. Or if it’s Saturday/Sunday… get your life!

Happy New Music Friday: August 10, 2018. Or if it’s Saturday/Sunday… get your life!


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Every Friday, I’ll share with you Spotify’s updated playlist of the most-recently released songs. You call it lazy, I call it efficient.

It’s not possible to fill you in on the ENDLESS stream of songs/videos that spill onto the Internet every Friday (my brain hurts), but this means you are quite possibly missing out on some very good new tunes, and that’s not the tea.

Allie X – “No So Bad In LA” Video

The rising pop star convinces herself the city of angels isn’t so terrible, but instead of showing off the glamor of Rodeo Blvd, she frolics around a desolate trailer park. The song itself is magical. The desert she’s entangled in in the video? Not so much.



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LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo) – “Thunderclouds”

So FYI, the trio formed a group under the name LSD and have released a couple of seriously great tracks this summer. Their latest is “Thunderclouds,” a melancholy, mid-tempo tune about the impending dissolution of a breakup. “You’re saying those words like you hate me now / Our house is burning when you’re raising hell / Here in the ashes your soul cries out, but don’t be afraid of these thunderclouds.” I’m feeling feels.



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MØ & Diplo – “Sun In Our Eyes”

Speaking of Diplo, he and frequent collaborator MØ put out a video for their latest release, “Sun In Our Eyes.” “Collectively they are rejecting the harsh reality of the lives and the world they used to live in,” MØ says of the video. “Though ‘Sun In Our Eyes’ is a love song, it circles the subject of being unwilling to accept the truth. You wanna keep riding the high even though you deep down know it might be wrong and that it’s all a self-made illusion. This theme is what the video is inspired by and it is also one of the subjects my forthcoming album.”



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Elle King – “Shame” Video

Want to feel like a badass? Give Elle King’s new song/video “Shame” a spin. The singer boasts a confidence in the cool clip, wearing a fur coat, sitting on top of a Bentley and surrounded by her fierce minions. Pop-rock at its finest.



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Maluma – “Mala Mia” Video

Oh look, another video of Maluma baby surrounded by a ton of scantily clad women. He can get it though.


Broods – “Peach”

The Kiwi brother-sister duo chill the summer months with a tranquil, synth-pop gem titled “Peach.” “We both have pretty bad anxiety problems,” frontman Caleb Nott said of the track. “[‘Peach’] is about just celebrating being good. When you just feel really fine. Not over the top good, or really low.” His sister Georgia added: “there are rare moments where you’re just like, ‘Oh, I think I’m content right now.’”




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