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Every Friday, we’re inundated with new music. BreatheHeavy puts together a weekly roundup of songs and videos that you should get familiar with right away. Get at it!

Kristin Chenoweth and Ariana Grande – “You Don’t Own Me” (Song)

Kristin Chenoweth’s new album, For The Girls, features a star-studded tracklist, including a song with Ariana Grande. The two covered Lesley Gore’s 1960s hit, “You Don’t Own Me.” They trade verses and show off their immense vocal talents (did you expect anything less?). It’s also a treat to hear Ariana sing in a lower register. Listen below:

Diplo and The Jonas Brothers – “Lonely” (Music Video)

Diplo and The Jonas Brothers team up for a slow-jam called “Lonely.” It features a syrupy chorus from the bros, and warbly, electro-tinged production from Diplo. The video is based off of a real-life mishap when Diplo live-streamed Joe Jonas’ private wedding ceremony to Sophie Turner in Las Vegas. Apparently what happens in Vegas goes on YouTube.

Brandy – “Freedom Rings” (Song)

Brandy returns with new song, “Freedom Rings.” Over a stomping beat and solo electric guitar riff, Brandy flexes her dynamic vocal range. “See all I need is a part of me that’s been screaming out,” she sings. It’s laced with personal lyrics and her signature ad libs. “Freedom Rings” has a lot of layers to peel back – give it a few spins this weekend as it’s a grower.

PnB Rock – featuring Nicki Minaj & Murda Beatz – “Fendi” (Song)

Nicki Minaj announced a few weeks ago she was retiring, however the rap queen is featured on PnB Rock’s new song, “Fendi,” featuring Murda Beatz. As expected, Nicki steals the spotlight. She raps about her love of luxury brands and boyfriend, Kenneth Petty.  “I don’t even look ****/ But he still tryna *** me/ Ain’t gotta get all done up for my dude,” Nicki spits over a stuttering beat. “My attitude is the baddest thing that’s on me, boo.” Welcome back, Nicki?

Meghan Trainor featuring Mike Sabath – “Wave” (Song)

Meghan Trainor’s forthcoming record, Treat Myself, was shelved until 2020. Maybe forever. It featured a string of love songs – Trainor recently married actor Daryl Sabara – however the singer decided against pushing the mush on us. Instead, she’s released a stream of electro-pop tracks. Her latest is “Wave,” featuring Mike Sabath. Compared to some of her other most-recent stuff, “Wave” is pretty minimalistic. A folky banjo and thumping beat slink over Meghan’s vocals. According to a press release from Meghan’s reps, the video for it drops October 7th.

Noah Cyrus – “Lonely” (Song)

Noah Cyrus’ latest release is quiet melancholy. On “Lonely,” Noah sings about that solemn sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. She says it’s inspired by real-life events, which adds even more of a sorrowful tone to the already bummer ballad. “[It] came to me during a really dark time in my life and is about self struggle and feeling out of place,” she says. “But the amazing thing is that it put me on the path to getting help and I hope it does the same for my fans who need it.”

Shout-out to Shaed and Zayn’s “Trampoline.”

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