Happy New Music Friday (October 26)!

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Look, you know the drill by now. There’s so much music that floods the stream waves every Friday, this one in particular for some reason, so we’re just going to get straight to it.

Robyn – Honey (Album)

Soundtrack your Halloween festivities this weekend with some guilty synth pop pleasure thanks to Robyn. The singer unleashed her eighth studio album today, Honey, a nine-track LP that finds our fav Swedish singer crooning over flat beeps and bouncy electro-tinged production. It’s surprisingly chill (in a good way).

Shawn Mendes – “Lost In Japan” (Music Video)

Shawn’s new video for “Lost In Japan” pays homage to Sofia Coppola’s Lost In Translation, but the real takeaway is that Shawn should never ever feel lonely. Call me bb.

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Sara Bareilles – “Armor” (Song)

Sara Bareilles stands up for women everywhere on new song, “Armor,” her first proper release since 2013’s The Blessed Unrest. On “Armor,” Sara rallies the troops to defend injustice against women that unfortunately is still very prevalent. The song is especially important in a time where the #MeToo movement must exist to shed light on atrocious inequality towards women. “To all the dirty looks, the kitty cat calls. To the ones who try and throw us up against the back walls, let me tell you something you’ll understand,” she sings. “Only the little boys tell you they’re a big man.”

BTS & Steve Aoki – “Waste It On Me” (Song)

BTS are still taking over the world, and there to help them is producer Steve Aoki (they previously collaborated on a remix of “MIC DROP” and their Love Yourself: Tear track, “The Truth Untold”). I’m low-key scared to be critical of “Waste It On Me” cause BTS fans will seek and destroy me, but I’m not super impressed. It’s very typical EDM-style production and the chorus is bland. Which means it will probably top the Hot 100 any day now.

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Sabrina Carpenter – “Paris” (Song)

Love me some Sabrina Carpenter (not paid to say this, check out our interview together here). She recently announced her new mini-album, Singular: Act 1, drops November 9, and followed up with one of its new tunes, “Paris.” On it, the songstress has a love affair with the City Of Lights, but her home base is in L.A. and she feels conflicted. “It’s so romantic in Paris / Won’t even try to compare it,” she sings. “Thought I was sure that I’d find it / But I already have love in LA.” There’s also an intoxicating breakdown where she speaks in French. Take me.

Cameron Dallas – “Why Haven’t I Met You” (Video)

Cameron Dallas is a social media phenomenon turned pop star in the making. He unveiled his first release, “Why Haven’t I Met You,” a mid-tempo bedroom banger. It’s surprisingly enjoyable – I just assumed his voice would be garbage – but he holds his own. With literally millions of followers on social media, I expect this tune to perform.

Happy New Music Friday!

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