Happy New Music Friday: October 5th, 2018!

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On Fridays, music lovers are inundated with new songs and videos. Instead of posting about each item individually (yay efficiency), we figured a roundup would be best. Here’s this week’s New Music Friday highlights:

Lady Gaga – “Before I Cry”

I remember reading a while back that Gaga’s soundtrack for A Star Is Born was on par with Whitney Houston’s soundtrack for The Bodyguard, and “Before I Cry” is a shining example of that. Gaga’s vocals soar over a clap beat and somber piano melody. It’s truly stunning and, dare I say… a masterpiece. Hurry up, hurry up:

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Phantoms & Vanessa Hudgens’ – “Lay With Me”

Vanessa Hudgen’s Phantoms-produced new song, “Lay With Me,” feels like something straight out of 2008 (that’s a very, very good thing). On the guilty pleasure pop gem, Vanessa finds herself singing about the rush of falling in love. “Just the thought of letting go, makes me wanna pull you closer,” she croons. “Close enough so you can whisper every line.” The video is a nod to her High School Musical days. Bless you Godgens for this new song/video.

Jonas Blue, Liam Payne & Lennon Stella – “Polaroid” (Song)

The summer months are officially dead and gone, but Jonas Blue, Liam Payne and Lennon Stella’s new song, “Polaroid,” sounds like it would’ve fit perfectly into our poolside playlists (sigh, missed opportunity). It’s got all the makings of a radio friendly hit – EDM-tinged beat, and a sugary, catchy chorus. Get lost in the moment:

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Alessia Cara – “Trust My Lonely” (Video)

Alessia Cara just dropped “Trust My Lonely,” the third cut from her forthcoming album, The Pains Of Growing. On the uptempo, Cara is carefree and independent (and lonely), because the alternative is… well, rather sad. “Don’t you know you’re no good for me,” she sings. “I gotta trust my lonely.” Speaking to my soul, sis.

Niykee Heaton – Starting Over (EP)

Niykee Heaton & chill with the 23-year-old’s three-track EP, Starting Over. Heaton’s breathy, emotional vocals slink over melodic beats and icy production. The EP details Niykee’s ups and downs with love. A relatable body of work.

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Happy New Music Friday!

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