Happy New Music Friday: January 11 –– January 13!

Missed our New Music Friday posts? Yeah, the holidays are a slow time in music. OK, I’ll just be honest… I’m lazy during Christmas time / that awkward week through New Year’s. Let’s get back into the swing of things, shall we? Great time, too! This New Music Friday has an abundance of new songs/videos.

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Sam Smith & Normani –– “Dancing With a Stranger” (Song)

It’s rare that I gravitate toward a song so strongly after just one listen, but Sam Smith and Normani’s collaboration, “Dancing With a Stranger,” was designed to do just that. A syrupy R&B beat bops through the three-minute track. On it, the lonely hearts take turns singing about finding love on the dance floor. I expect this to smash the charts. Bookmark me.

Troye Sivan –– “Lucky Strike” (Music Video)

“Lucky Strike” is one of my favorite tracks off of Troye’s 2018 album, Bloom, and the narrative in the Emma Westenberg-directed video documents my personal life perfectly. In the clip, Troye sets his gayze on a deliciously built bartender during a day at the beach. The singer literally gives the stranger his heart, but Mr. Six-Pack doesn’t take great care of it. He actually crushes it then proceeds to take Troye’s order. Ahh, lust.

Zayn –– “Satisfaction” (Music Video)

Zayn’s new album, Icarus Falls, deserves the GP’s undivided attention. Unfortunately, it debuted with less than stellar figures and only tumbled from there. But who cares… chart placement doesn’t = good tunes. Zayn decided to release a video for one of the new songs. He only makes brief appearances throughout – otherwise it depicts a love story in the midst of war and famine. “We can’t get no… satisfaction,” indeed. Justice for “Natural.”

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Lauren Jauregui –– “More Than That” (Song)

Lauren is a temptress on her sultry new song, “More Than That.” Her raspy vocals paint a picture where she asserts dominance over a lover on the dance floor A.K.A. all of our Saturday nights. The track features an R&B-inspired beat crafted by producers Murda Beatz and Charlie Handsome, but props to LJ for not including a rap artist/verse on it. There’s time and room for that later, but her smoky tone deserves the solo spotlight right now, and “More Than That” is more than enough.

Calvin Harris & Rag’n’Bone Man –– “Giant” (Song)

Surprise! Calvin Harris dropped a larger-than-life new tune titled “Giant,” featuring Rag’n’Bone Man, seemingly out of nowhere, and it’s massive. Calvin flexes his impressive production guns, intertwining EDM with old school, groovy-inspired specks of brass. It’s a wild listen and will definitely pop off in the clubs.

CupcakKe –– “Squidward Nose”

It’s been a week full of ups and downs for CupcakKe. The rapper Tweeted she wanted to commit suicide, then disappeared for hours – leaving fans extremely worried about her. She was reportedly hospitalized then released, and since appears to be in better spirits. We love a comeback, and CupcakKe makes one with her new song, “Squidward Nose.” On it, she mocks a guy’s small *****. Content! “His d–ck smaller than my toes, I’d rather ride Squdward’s Nose,” she raps. Can’t say it’s not creative!

Happy New Music Friday!

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