Happy New Music Friday: July 6, 2018 (if you’re reading this on a Saturday/Sunday get your life).


Happy New Music Friday: July 6, 2018 (if you’re reading this on a Saturday/Sunday get your life).


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Hi fam. Welcome to BreatheHeavy’s second New Music Friday post courtesy of Spotify.

Every Friday, I’ll share with you Spotify’s updated playlist of the most-recently released songs. You call it lazy, I call it efficient.

It’s not possible to fill you in on the ENDLESS stream of songs that spill onto the Internet every Friday (I just don’t want to), but this means you are quite possibly missing out on some very good new tunes, and that’s not the tea.

If I were homeless and living on the street, I would still manage to scrounge up $10 a month to pay for the premium tier of Spotify. Thank their hardworking interns for gathering this re-occuring playlist. If you’re an Apple Music lover, it’s time for dual-citizenship.

Also, if you don’t hear from me much this weekend, I’m at my brother’s wedding in Canada k thx byeee.


Years & Years

Years & Years has a new album out today. It’s titled Palo Santo, a ****, electro-tinged LP that highlights frontman Olly Alexander’s vocal gainz. Spotify highlighted “Karma” in their New Music Friday playlist. It’s the breeziest, most laid-back cut from the Palo Santo cloth we’ve heard yet. Give the record a spin below:



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The rapper’s latest release, “Hot Pockets,” dropped last month, but she put forth a ~cinematic~ video for it. And by cinematic, I mean there’s some scantily clad gays shaking their ***** while Cup serves femme fatale boss b–ch. It’s an entertaining watch at the very least.



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Niall Horan

Horan dropped a warm and fuzzy new song titled “Finally Free” for the animated film, Small Foot. “When you’re right here beside me there’s nothing else I need,” he sings over a plunky guitar melody. “Your eyes keep me reminded that nothing’s out of reach. When you’re with me, it feels like I’m finally free.” The track even takes a plunge into EDM for a moment. Slight whiplash, but who am I to hate on a song for kids?



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Mr. Worldwide has a new song out (not with Britney Spears) titled “Free Free Free,” featuring Theron Theron. You dig dig dig? The song is exactly what you’d expect from Pitbull. An inspirational-ish intro, tropical beat and a slightly hypnotic, mostly annoying chorus.



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RAYE’s new song “Friends” might be my favorite release today. The production will inspire you to move out your seat, but it’s not in-your-face like say… that Pitbull track above. “Why is it if I’m not a boy I’m an enemy? Uh, uh,” she sings. “This damn mentality is killin’ me, uh, uh, uh / And don’t get me wrong we can all be that / Forgive me for tryna believe that.” BOP!




So underrated. Poppy has a delicious new tune out titled “Metal,” after a specular, 40-second intro, the pop star slices out an avant-garde speckle of lyrical concoctions over Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai’s ingenious production. Either she’s literally singing about being a robot, or “Metal” is a diss towards emotionless men. We love a dragging.



Enjoy (honorable mention to Hot Shade & Mika Zibanejad’s “Nobody”):


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