Happy New Music Friday!

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Let’s get into it…

Madonna featuring Quavo – “Future” (Song)

Madonna’s new song “Future” is more of a cautionary tale. In it, the queen of pop puts small-minded dumb dumbs on blast for their archaic thinking. “Not everyone is coming to the future, not everyone is learning from the past,” Madonna sings over a tropical beat crafted by frequent collaborator, Diplo. “Not everyone can come into the future, not everyone that’s here is gonna last.” “Future” is not my cup of tea, but I can appreciate that it sounds unlike anything else off Madame X; versatility is important.

Lana Del Rey – “Doin Time” (Sublime Cover)

Lana knows fans are thirsty for her new album, Norman F–king Rockwell, so she threw us a bone by covering Sublime’s “Doin Time,” which will be featured in an upcoming documentary about the band. Lana’s syrupy vocals drip over live instrumentation / production crafted by Happy Perez and Andrew Watt. Total summer vibes.

Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran – “I Don’t Care” (Music Video)

This is what happens when you have lots of money and a green screen:

Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Dedicated’ (Album)

BreatheHeavy has a review for Carly Rae Jepsen’s new album, Dedicated, on the way, so we’ll withhold our thoughts on it for now. However, definitely give it a play from start to finish (there’s also a new music video for “Too Much”):

Zayn & Becky G – “Un Mundo Ideal” (Aladdin Soundtrack)

Zayn and Zhavia already released a duet of this last week in English, but Disney tapped Becky G for a bilingual version of it (money moves), and it’s even more magical. Zayn and Becky’s vocals weave in and out through grand, cinematic production. I didn’t expect Jasmine to start singing in Spanish, but iconic stories like Aladdin know no boundaries.

New Music Friday:

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