New Music Friday gives me anxiety. It’s a race! If I don’t post the new tunes promptly at midnight EST with every other music blog I turn into a pumpkin. Just kidding, but I feel so late (is anyone reading this?). But I think Iggy and Shawn would want me to get a good night’s rest so I can accurately describe their new tunes. No one wins when Jordan is writing while tired.

Iggy Azalea – “Started” (Video)

Iggy Azalea jumping ship to release music as an independent proved a very wise decision. She’s released slay after slay, and her new song/video for “Started” deserves glory. On it, Iggy boasts about starting from the bottom and now she’s rich. Her flow is a swift punch to the gut, and the icy beat is infectious.

Better yet – the video is brilliantly maniacal. In it, she’s a blonde bombshell gold digger who marries a 90-year-old millionaire, but before the ink dries she’s poisons the old ******* and inherits his fortune. She’s two for two this era!

Shawn Mendes – “If I Can’t Have You”

Shawn dropped a new bop just in time for summer. It’s titled “If I Can’t Have You,” an upbeat ditty about wanting someone. A GIRL.

There’s also a new black & white video for the track. In it, Shawn shows off his immense musical talents in an oversized sound stage. There’s also an unnamed woman who joins him in bed momentarily, but she disappears… so he romanticizes his music instead.

“It’s a confident pop record and it’s clearly that for me,” Shawn said of the song, produced by frequent collaborators Scott HarrisTeddy Geiger, and Nate Mercreau. “I’m going through this phase right now where I’m testing out all the styles I can possibly be doing. Pop is whats in my blood no pun intended.”

Sabrina Carpenter – “Exhale” (Song)

Sabrina cools down the warmer months with a somber ballad titled “Exhale.” On it, the pop star croons about life’s mundane pressures that don’t weigh a lot individually, but together can really bring you down. “I listen to the labels / listen to the man / try to keep a sense of knowing who I am,” she sings over a whimsical beat. “I try to be an angel but I don’t think I can / think I’m reaching my limits.” Everyone just take a step back and take a deep breath; adulting is hard. Also, sign up for Exhale here.

BANKS – “Gimme” (Song)

BANKS’ synth-heavy new song is a gem. The singer’s subdued vocals slink over stuttering production and an infrequent pound of the bass. “’Gimme’ is a song about getting what you want,” Banks said of the ominous new tune. “It’s about knowing what you deserve, saying it out loud, and demanding it with no apologies. I’m ready to release this into the world and begin a new chapter.”

Vampire Weekend – “Sympathy”

Taking a break from pop for a moment, Vampire Weekend just put out a fiery rock tune with “Sympathy.” It’s one of their many new songs featured on the band’s double album, Father of the Bride, out today. Harrowing background vocals and a frenetic snap beat assist strumming guitars and frontman Ezra Koenig’s lead. A refreshing change of pace!

Shout-out to Logic and Eminem’s “Homicide.”

Happy New Music Friday:

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