Happy New Music Friday!

I’m very relieved spring time is ushering its way into our lives. If I had to see the sun set at 4:30 pm one more time I was going to freak. And what better way to kick off the warmer months than with new tunes?

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Marina – “Superstar” (Song)

Marina’s sparkly new song, “Superstar,” is a refreshing change of pace. On it, the woke pop star sings about a potential blossoming romance. It’s left-field of her previous LOVE + FEAR ballad, “Handmade Heaven.” In one of Marina’s recent interviews, the singer revealed she almost quit music because she feared the industry machine and its insurmountable demands, but thank the holy spearit she found her inspiration again, because “Superstar” is a pop gem.

Bea Miller featuring 6LACK – it’s not u it’s me (Song)

Bea Miller tapped songwriter extraordinaire, Justin Tranter, for her new tune titled “it’s not u it’s me.” On the self-empowering bop, the 20-year-old sings over a plunky beat and stuttering synths. She’s come a long way from her X Factor days (fun fact: I interviewed Bea way back when; cool to watch her musical growth over the years). Give “it’s not u it’s me” a stream below:

Rita Ora featuring 6LACK – “Only Want You” (Remix)

“Only Want You” is one of the best songs off Rita’s most-recent album, Phoenix. She breathed new life into it with a remix alongside 6LACK (also featured above in Bea’s new tune). Her vocals are identical to the original, just with an additional verse from the rapper.

Ellie Goulding – “Flux” (Video)

Ellie’s album title track, “Flux,” is a gorgeous piano ballad. It’s inspired by the dissolution of her previous relationship. “[Flux is] a song that I wrote entirely from the heart that seemed to capture how I felt about not ever being able to let go of a past love, even though it was over for a reason,” she said. “I feel like I am in a constant state of change and upheaval, and it makes me unable to root myself and get over things easily. On this record I found myself taking inspiration from different relationships and stages in my life. The past two years have been the first time I’ve really been able to confront my survival techniques throughout my work — to be able to reflect on how being on tour nonstop, performing, and having to be ‘ok’ all the time affected me as a human being and how it took its toll on my relationships.”

Maluma – “HP” (Video)

Maluma, baby, put out a colorful video for his vibrant new tune, “HP.” The reggaeton rager will get the juices flowing. Call me, zaddy.

New Music Friday playlist:

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