Happy New Music Friday!

More importantly… Happy National Women’s Day!

Robyn & Kindness – “Cry Everything” (Song)

No one makes pop music like Robyn. She teamed up with frequent collaborator, Kindness, on a melancholy bop titled “Cry Everything.” Icy background vocals and the head-spinning sounds of jets passing through the sky topple over Robyn and Kindness’ dripping duet. Their track samples Todd Rundgren’s “Pretending to Care.” “[Cry Everything is] a song myself and Robyn started together in 2014, and both of us have grown, cried, experienced joy and heaviness in that time,” Kindness said. “In a bittersweet way, I think only the current version of me could have finished this song, and that it’s a message of tenderness and understanding to a former self.”

Julia Michaels – “Deep” (Music Video)

Julia continues her isolated aesthetic with a new music video for “Deep,” the latest release off her recently released album, Inner Monologue Part 1. In it, the singer-songwriter chucks sultry stares towards the camera as she wanders around her living room mid-day. AKA my life.

Sabrina Carpenter – “Pushing 20” (Song)

Thank you, Sabrina, for reminding me I’m in my 30s. The 19-year-old released a new song not included on 2018’s Singular: Act 1. “Pushing 20” is a self-empowering anthem about not having time for boys, because building an empire takes all your focus. I get that.

Marshmello & CHVRCHES – “Here With Me” (Song)

Marshmello reportedly signed a $60 million deal to have his own Las Vegas residency, so expect to hear his new CHVRCHES-assisted song, “Here With Me,” in the clubs. The original will need some tinkering for that, though. It’s pretty tame compared to some of his other works, and that’s a good thing. The collab is an instant-hit upon first listen – expect this to slowly trickle up the charts. Bookmark me.

Marina – Love + Fear (Album Trailer)

Marina’s whimsical words narrate the singer’s album trailer for her forthcoming dual-record, Love + Fear. On the surface, it doesn’t appear she teased any of the new tunes in it, but rumor has it the words are lyrics from some of the songs strung together to make one beautiful poem. Ugh, her mind!

Billie Eilish – “Wish You Were Gay” (Song)

A version of “Wish You Were Gay” has existed online for several years, but Billie put forth the finalized studio version of the song. She faced backlash from gay fans because they felt like she was queer baiting them and using men as props to get the guy she likes. “First off, I want to be so clear that it’s so not supposed to be an insult,” Eilish said. “I feel like it’s been a little bit misinterpreted. I tried so hard to not make it in any way offensive.” We live in outrage culture; it’s not that deep.

Daya – “Insomnia” (Song)

If you’re having trouble loosening your thoughts to drift into dreamland, Daya has a soundtrack for you. On the surface, “Insomnia” is a party banger, but the lyrics paint quite a lonely picture. “I keep on hoping to find you / Reaching in between the sheets,” she sings. “Baby, it’s only been one night / Feel like it’s been like a week.” Nighty night:

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