Happy New Music Friday!

Every Friday, BreatheHeavy highlights a few musical gems with your undivided attention. A hundred new songs just dropped, so here are the ones we’d like you to listen to first.

Marina – “Orange Trees” (Video)

Marina’s summery new song, “Orange Trees,” is the most upbeat piece she’s released since her Love + Fear campaign began. On it, Marina sings about falling in love whilst Mother Nature wraps its arms around her. “I can see the flowers and the greenery, I take a breath of air… I feel free,” she sings over a stuttering beat and warm synths. There’s also a video for it. Watch below:

Becky G – “Green Light Go” (Song)

Becky G is quickly becoming the queen of New Music Friday. The pop star drops a new tune almost weekly. Her latest, “Green Light Go,” is an icy banger. On it, Becky cops a cocky tude when she sings, “Nobody stop me, I’m on my green light go. Everything I do is big, I’m on my fe, fi, fo.” The lyrics aren’t exactly poetry, but it rhymes and slinks along over the trap-tinged beat perfectly.

Pia Mia – “Bittersweet Love” (Song)

Pia Mia is hanging up her Pussycat Doll aspirations for a moment to focus on releasing solo music. Pia’s new tune, “Bitter Love,” details her ambition to find freedom from a relationship gone sour. “I need someone to pull me away from this bitter love,” she sings. “The taste on my lips every time that we kiss, I can’t get enough. Heaven knows that I’ve tried.” It’s got the makings to be massive (the songwriting is on point). Listen below:

Why Don’t We & Macklemore – “I Don’t Belong In This Club” (Video)

I would have really loved this song if I was 22-years-old and still going out every weekend. Why Don’t We and Macklemore’s anthemic new song, “I Don’t Belong In This Club,” isn’t about staying in on Saturday to watch Netflix and order Post Mates… it’s about going to the club and fantasizing about staying in to watch Netflix and order Post Mates.

NAV & The Weeknd – “Price On My Head” (Song)

The Weeknd’s XO signee, NAV, dropped a new album titled Bad Habits that he also executive produced. Weeknd is featured on one of the new songs, “Price On My Head,” and the Internet suspects he’s taking shots at Drake on it. His voice melts like butter over the Derek Wise & AlexOnWeed-produced beat. Check it out:

You beefin’ with yourself, tell the truth
N—as on your side, they would ride for me too
Still wasting they time, tryna come for me too
I’m too busy, faded in Japan with the crew

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