Happy New Music Friday (November 2nd)!

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New Music Friday snapped! With the new month comes a bunch of new bops and bangers. We’ve included our favs in our weekly roundup because we know how lazy everyone is on the Internet (sameeee).

Little Mix – “Joan Of Arc” (Song)

I don’t think you understand. Getting a fierce, feminist, independent woman Little Mix anthem is like pop crack. The ladies made headlines earlier this week after they inserted themselves into Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s “Woman Like Me” drama, but they’re shifting their focus back onto the tunes. On new song “Joan Of Arc,” LM want women everywhere to know they don’t need a man. Living! “Fanning myself, I’m stanning myself / I love me so much I put my hands on myself,” they sing over production cooked up by Loose Change. “I don’t need a man. / If I’m loving you it’s cause I can.” *Snaps fingers*

Clean Bandit featuring Marina and the Diamonds & Luis Fonsi – “Baby” (Music Video)

Do you know how much I missed Marina and the Diamonds? I am ecstatic she decided to jump on a track with Clean Bandit (she’s dating CB member, Jack Patterson) – the latest release off the group’s forthcoming album, What Is Love?. I’ll bite my tongue on the Luis Fonsi feature (he feels like a trend but whatever. Marketing). “Don’t know how I ever let you go / I was young, didn’t know about love / You were wild, couldn’t get enough,” Marina sings over fiery Latin production. “Find me in another place and time / If only, if only you were mine / But I’m already someone else’s baby.” You’re in for a treat:

Troye Sivan – “Somebody To Love” (Queen cover)

The Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, is out today. To celebrate, Troye offered up a moody cover of the iconic Queen track, “Somebody To Love.” Troye’s icy vocals warm up towards the end of the tune when plunky strings are introduced. “Find me somebody to love,” he repeatedly sings. Same, tbh.


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Benny Blanco & Calvin Harris – “I Found You” (Song)

Calvin Harris taps Benny Blanco for new song, “I Found You.” It features a thumping beat and shimmering synths; it’s the kind of song cooked up for the club life. It’s actually quite hypnotizing how many times Blanco sings the words “I found you,” which almost exclusively make up all of the lyrics. I love me a shallow club banger.

Hailee Steinfeld – “Back To Life”

Hailee Steinfeld is generally underrated as a pop star, and that’s not right. She’s released a string of guilty pleasure pop songs, including her latest release, “Back To Life,” from the upcoming Transformers movie, Bumblebee. What’s extra special about this track is Steinfeld is responsible for the song’s creation. “Our love’s enough, transcending us through space and time / It’s holding up / It keeps you and me intertwined,” Hailee sings on the Jorgen Odegard-produced track. “Cause I’m brining you back to life / And I know that you’re gone, but I swear that you’re here / It’s a feeling that won’t disappear.” “Back To Life” is cut from the same cloth as some of Hailee’s past works, like “Love Myself” and “Capital Letters,” and that’s a good thing. Listen below:

Sabrina Carpenter – “Bad Time”

And finally, a shout-out to Sabrina Carpenter and her new song, “Bad Time.”

Happy New Music Friday!

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