Happy New Music Friday!

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I’ve had one hell of a week behind-the-scenes with BreatheHeavy, so I’m just going to jump straight into it and pretend my life wasn’t this meme for 48 hours…

Lauren Jauregui – “More Than That” (Music Video)

LJ put forth a sensual video for her new tune, “More Than That.” A statement from Lauren about the video has me gagging. “This video is Aphrodite’s visit to Earth,” she says. “She finds herself in a unique club surrounded by the earthly embodiments of the divine feminine.” The clip is literally Lauren and her girls throwing money around in a **********, but sure!

Becky G – “LBD” (Song)

Becky G dropped a bilingual new track titled “LBD” (little black dress). The Latina pop princess sings over a trap-tinged beat about enticing a suitor. “Every time you see me with my little black dress on / Know you need me,” she purrs. “Say you wanna freak some / I can see it.” Listen to the catchy bop below:

Backstreet Boys – “Breathe” (Song)

Harmonies for days! The Backstreet Boys melt their buttery vocals together on new song, “Breathe.” Instead of letting fancy production gymnastics shine like they did on “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” their melodies do the heavy lifting. On the bluesy, a cappella track, the guys sing about love lost. “Sand keeps slipping right through my hands / Days all feel the same / Still numb from you / First step off of this plane, I knew / I suffocate without you.” So many feels.

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Maren Morris – “GIRL” (Song)

Maren Morris’ latest release, “GIRL,” is one of my favorite new songs of the week. Morris’ divine feminine spirit uplifts the track to soaring heights. It explores those bitter moments of self-doubt and judgement we place upon ourselves, but offers an inspiring message that despite us being our own worst critics… everything’s going to be just fine.

LSD (Sia, Diplo, Labrinth) featuring Lil Wayne – “Genius” Remix (Song)

LSD tapped Lil Wayne for a synth-tastic remix of their track, “Genius.” The song is wild, taking the listener into a vibrant world of trippy downs and sky-high ups. Every audible sound a human could possibly process is injected into it. And if you think the song is a trip, just give the video a spin:

Happy New Music Friday:

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