Happy New Music Friday!

Every Friday, the new tunes roll in like a Tidal wave. Consider BreatheHeavy’s New Music Friday roundup a lifesaver.

Social House & Ariana Grande – “Haunt You” (Song)

Ariana Grande is low-key featured on Social House’s new song, “Haunt You.” The moody mid-tempo finds the singer offering breathy background vocals amidst the buttery chorus and fluid guitar strings. It centers around desire in romance. Social House says it’s their “most meaningful song,” which makes a lot of sense considering Ari blessed them with a feature.

Little Mix – “Bounce Back” (Video)

Little Mix knows how to deliver a banger. Their new tune, “Bounce Back,” is a quick burner song that’ll get you off your feet. The Stargate-produced tune is perfect for the summer months, however I can’t help but want the ladies to release something a little more explorative. We know they can produce something delicious and upbeat, but how do they feeeeel? As for the video, Little Mix are cookie-cutter dolls playing dress-up, though it’s actually satire.

Kaskade & Meghan Trainor – “With You” (Song)

I haven’t been loving Meghan Trainor’s new music recently, however she turned things around with her new Kaskade collab (and that’s huge for me cause I’m genuinely EXHAUSTED with EDM x pop starlet tracks). “With You” is instantly catchy. The production is pretty standard electronic dance energy, but Meghan’s vocals are on point – even the robotized parts. I know that sounds confusing. I’m confused.

Monsta X & French Montana – “WHO DO U LOVE?” (Song)

Monsta X is K-pop’s newest phenomenon. Their French Montana-assisted single, “WHO DO U LOVE” (IN ALL CAPITALS WHY ARE THEY YELLING AT US???), is a dance-floor ready banger. It’s reminiscent of something the Backstreet Boys would release, and that’s a compliment. The track features incessant earworms and warm vocals from the 7-member band. K-Pop takeover in 3… 2…

Happy New Music Friday:

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