Happy New Music Friday!

This week’s NMF is giving last week’s a run for its money! There’s a plethora of new tunes out today, so let’s get to it.

Madonna – “Dark Ballet” (Video)

Madonna’s new song, “Dark Ballet,” is an untamed piano ballad. Madge’s auto-tune is in full effect as she sings about her struggles for being outspoken. I love the Queen, but this is my least favorite release off Madame X thus far. The clunky lyrics are outshined by the gorgeous piano solo thrown in towards the middle of the track, when all of a sudden a circus-like background ushers in a robotized vocal. It’s bizarre. “They are so naive – they think we are not aware of their crimes,” she says. ‘We know but we’re just not ready to act / the storm isn’t in the air / it’s inside of us / I want to tell you about love and loneliness, but it’s getting late now / can’t you hear outside of your supreme hoodie the wind that’s beginning to howl.” She then proceeds to blow into the mic and the song literally goes up in flames. The video, shot in Portugal, features a brief glimpse of Madonna, but mainly lots of religious imagery and of course… controversy.

Jonas Brothers – ‘Happiness Begins’ (Album)

The Jonas Brothers’ new album, Happiness Begins, will definitely put you in a good mood. It’s jam-packed with song-of-the-summer contenders, like “Sucker,” “Cool,” “Only Human” and “Strangers.” It’s the kind of record meant to be blasted in your car with the windows down or at a pool party. I appreciate that they gave us a bucket of bops – life can feel so heavy sometimes, but the guys didn’t take themselves too seriously on Happiness Begins. They created a body of work that’s light, infectious and sugary sweet. Who knew the Jonas Brothers would save the day?

Kim Petras – “Clarity” (Song)

If you’ve been following Kim Petras, you’re well aware she’s releasing an album’s worth of material. Each week, the pop star has shared a new song, and her latest is another pop gem. “Clarity” is a chill bop about setting your worries aside and indulging in thoughtlessness (believe it or not, that’s clarity). Funny enough, the way she pronounces the word “clarity” in the song is, well… unclear. There’s a dreamy, slight ’80s-tinge to the production (co-crafted by Dr. Luke). BreatheHeavy recently interviewed Kim about her new tunes, which you can read here.

Sabrina Carpenter – “In My Bed” (Song)

Sabrina Carpenter is readying her new album, Singular: Act II, and if her new song “In My Bed” is anything to go by, it’ll be fantastic. On it, the singer croons about her angst surrounding a love interest. “Little things weigh so heavily / take my energy ’til it’s gone,” she sings before the relentless chorus hits. “I’m still, I’m still, I’m still in my bed about it. I’m still, I’m still, I’m still in my head about it.” BreatheHeavy interviewed Sabrina last year. You can read that here. Listen below:

Charli XCX & BTS – “Dream Glow” (Song)

You feel that? That’s the millions of BTS fans running to their iPhones to play the group’s new Charli XCX-assisted song, “Dream Glow.” It’s a promotional tool for the guys’ new game, BTS World. On the Stargate-produced track, BTS trades verses with Charli. “Sometimes I stop and stare. Follow my dreams right there,” Charli sings on the song’s chorus. “Sometimes my dreams come true / Sometimes they turn to blue / Dream glow.” There’s also a few “hey, heys” sprinkled in for good measure. Because their fanbase is so immense, the song (at the time of posting) was No. 2 on iTunes.

Avicii – ‘Tim’ (Album)

The late producer has a new star-studded album out. It’s titled Tim (his real name), and features collaborations with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Imagine Dragons and reunions with Aloe Blacc, Vargas and Lagola, among many others. The album features some pretty haunting lyrics, namely the Martin collab, “Heaven.” Various versions of this collab have been floating around online for years, but the official version is Avicii at his best. “I think I just died and went to heaven,” Martin sings. Avicii was insanely talented, so this is bittersweet:

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