Happy New Music Friday (February 8 – 10).

Every Friday, Breathe Heavy puts together a roundup of the newest songs/videos that gobble up the Internet’s ever-expanding bandwidth. Ahead of the Grammys weekend, the music industry collectively decided to just release everything at once, so here goes…

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Mike Will Made It, Nicki Minaj, A$AP Rocky, & A$AP Ferg – “Runnin” (Music Video)

If it feels like Nicki is everywhere again, it’s because she is. The rapper released a handful of tracks on AudioMack this week, has a collab with Avril Lavigne in the works, and stars in Mike Will Made It’s new video for “Runnin.” In it, she rocks a pink wig and a necklace that, appropriately, says “QUEEN.” Check out the two-minute banger below:

Kim Petras – “1,2,3 dayz up” featuring SOPHIE, “If U Think About Me…,” “Homework” featuring Lil Aaron (Songs)

Kim is one of my favorite pop stars right now. She closed out her era with a tringle: “1,2,3 dayz up,” “Homework” and “If U Think About Me…”

On “1,2,3 dayz up,” Kim taps producer prodigy SOPHIE and the infamous Dr. Luke. It’s hard to overlook Luke’s looming presence on the new tunes, but there’s no denying he can craft a hit. He also played a role in the other two songs, under the alias, MADE IN CHINA. “Homework” is a low-key, mid-tempo bop about puppy love. “If U Think About Me…” is a synthtastic, ’80s-infused anthemic bop reminiscent of some of her previous works, like “Hills.”

Meghan Trainor – The Love Train (EP)

Meghan originally had plans to release an album titled Treat Myself, but the singles she put forth didn’t resonate with the GP the way she hoped, and decided to drop an EP instead. The batch of tunes are fun, but lacks any real personal development. Also, titling a song “MARRY ME” in all capital letters is a little unsettling.

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Julia Michaels featuring Niall Horan – “What A Time” (Music Video)

Julia and Niall handle the aftershock of a relationship in turmoil in their new video for “What A Time.” In the emotional clip, Julia is reduced to tears as she discovers what life is like on her own.

The Chainsmokers featuring 5SOS – “Who Do You Love” (Song)

The Chainsmokers and Five Seconds of Summer seem like an unlikely pairing, but that’s what makes it special. The EDM duo inject an electric pulse into 5SOS’ acoustic template, and the creation is surprisingly refreshing.

Happy New Music Friday!

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