Happy New Music Friday: June 29, 2018 (if you’re reading this on a Saturday/Sunday get your life).


Happy New Music Friday: June 29, 2018 (if you’re reading this on a Saturday/Sunday get your life).

Hi fam. Welcome to BreatheHeavy’s first-ever New Music Friday post courtesy of Spotify.

Ideally, every Friday from here on out, I’ll share with you Spotify’s updated playlist of the most-recently released songs. You call it lazy, I call it efficient.

It’s not possible to fill you in on the ENDLESS stream of songs that spill onto the Internet every Friday (I just don’t want to), but this means you are quite possibly missing out on some very good new tunes, and that’s not the tea.

If I were homeless and living on the street, I would still manage to scrounge up $10 a month to pay for the premium tier of Spotify. Thank their hardworking interns for gathering this re-occuring playlist. If you’re an Apple Music lover, I’m sorry not sorry.


In case you’re living under a very large rock, Drake has a double-album out titled Scorpion. It features Michael Jackson, JAY-Z, Static Major and Ty Dolla $ign (it’s also got a Mariah Carey sample on “Emotionless”). The production is impeccable, and Drake sounds less corny and intense than he has on some of his past LPs. That is much appreciated.


Years & Years:

Y&Y released a new song this week titled “All For You” off their forthcoming album, Palo Santo. On it, frontman Olly Alexander sings about fleeting love over production crafted by Greg Kurstin. Bop friendly.



The band’s new 41-minute album, The Now Now, coasts through breezy synths and vibrant melodies. “Tranz,” featured on Spotify’s playlist, is a real gem.



The guys’ latest release is titled “Connection.” Guess what it’s about. Yup, “human connection.” Frontman Ryan Tedder had this to say about it: “Trying to find authenticity and authentic connection. This is kind of one of like four or five that we honestly couldn’t decide what to put out first,” he said. “In the history of OneRepublic, the biggest single is never the first thing we released — it’s usually the second or the third. So all things being equal we kind of said, ‘Ok, well… [this sounds] like a summer record. Let’s put it out and then two months later, let’s put out another one.’”


Sean Paul & Ellie Goulding:

It’s been far too long since we’ve heard a new tune from Ellie. Curiously, she joins Sean Paul on new song “Bad Love,” off Paul’s new album Mad Love: The Prequel. It’s got all of the production gymnastics and hard-hitting beats you’d expect from a song with Sean Paul and Ellie Goulding (in a good way).


Remember: efficient, not lazy. Enjoy! (here’s a link just in case the playlist is acting funny and doesn’t show. Just my luck.


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