New Music Friday: Calvin Harris, Sam Smith, Brooke Candy, Allie X, Jess Glynne, Marshmello And More

August 17, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Happy New Music Friday August 17, 2018!


Happy New Music Friday August 17, 2018!



Every Friday, I’ll share Spotify’s updated playlist of the most-recently released songs. Look, I ain’t trying to reinvent the wheel.

Honestly, it’s just not possible to fill you in on the ENDLESS stream of songs/videos that spill onto the Internet every Friday (don’t wanna), but this means you are quite possibly missing out on some very good new tunes, and that’s not what’s up.


Brooke Candy featuring ***** Riot, Mykki Blanco & MNDR – “My ***”

Holy f–k. What. Kind. Of. Epicness. Is. THIS?! Brooke Candy just unleashed a monstrous club banger with an all-star team behind it. “My ***” features the controversial Russian feminist punk rock group, ***** Riot, along with Mykki Blanco and MNDR. There’s also a sextastic video for the song, which requires the user to agree to explicit conditions before playing. Miss Candy nailed this one (heh).





Calvin Harris and Sam Smith – “Promises”

The superstar producer has released a string of vibey, ’90s-tinged dance tracks this year, and he’s got another for us with help from our melancholy crooner fav, Sam Smith. On it, Smith sings about indulging in a fleeting moment. “I make no promises,” he sings. “I can’t do golden rings. But I’ll give you everything… tonight” Millennials hate commitment, so this should do really well.





Jess Glynne – “All I Have” video

Jess Glynne never disappoints. The singer unleashed a fiery new dance track today titled “All I Have.” On it, Jess performs vibrato gymnastics over thumping production and pianos cooked together by producer Mark Ralph. There’s also a super cute video for the track to bop along to:




Marshmello featuring Bastille – “Happier”

If you’re feeling down, give this song a play (I’m aware it’s titled “Happier”). On it, Bastille frontman Dan Smith sings about wanting his SO to, you guessed it, be happier. It’s one part anthemic, two parts upbeat.




Allie X – “Science”

Soo many feels. Allie X’s new song, “Science,” is dark-pop at its finest. The deliciously scrumptious, ’80s-tinged production coasts in and out of the singer’s starry vocals. It’s actually one of several songs Allie has recently released, but “Science” might be my fav.




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