Happy New Music Friday (November 9 – 11)!

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New Music Friday is lit! Now that we’re nestling into the winter months, artists are opting to release slow jams. We’ve included some favs in our weekly roundup because we know how lazy everyone is on the Internet (so many tunes).

Backstreet Boys – “Chances” (Video)

The Backstreet Boys just dropped their Chainsmokers-esque new tune, “Chances,” off the groups’ forthcoming 9th LP titled DNA (out January 25th, 2019). The song starts out like an electro-ballad, but picks up steam when the guys join forces. Sonically, “Chances” sounds like it’s cut from the same cloth as their previous release, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” “What’s a guy like me doing in a place like this / I could have just walked by, who would have thought,” they ask. Very valid questions. “What are the chances that we’d end up dancing / Like two in a million / Like once in a life.” Still valid. I love me a meaningless guilty pleasure pop song about love, and the Backstreet Boys have mastered it.

Little Mix – “Told You So” (Song)

Little Mix cool down with new LM5 track, “Told You So.” It’s refreshing to hear something from them that’s not an F U anthem. On it, the ladies band together in times of heartbreak. “Girl just come round mine tonight / I’ve got wine and make-up wipes,” they sing in complete unison over somber production. “I’ll hold you. I’ll hold you… I told you, but I’m never gonna say I told you so.” I love me a passive aggressive lyric. In other words: guys ****.

Sabrina Carpenter – Singular (Album)

Sabrina Carpenter has wracked up millions of spins on Spotify with several Singular tracks, and now the budding pop star has another reason to celebrate. Her new LP is officially available to stream, and it’s filled with bops and bedroom bangers (I see you, “Mona Lisa”). Read BreatheHeavy’s interview with Sabrina here.

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Cheryl – “Love Made Me Do It”

Cheryl released her first song/video in three years. It’s called “Love Made Me Do It,” a moody, mid-tempo cup of delicious tropical juice. Upon first listen, I wasn’t impressed, but the track quickly grows legs a couple of listens in (the best kinds of songs, am I right?). On it, Cheryl sings about love’s intoxicating persuasion to lose all inhibition. Relatable queen. “I took the fast lane all of my life I’ve been the bad girl / I’ve been the good wife I don’t stop to think, when I go in I go in I’ve fallen hard like a million times,” she sings. “On number seven of my nine lives.” Same, sis. I’m this close to losing it, and I blame love, too. Liam Payne is somewhere balled up in the corner of his shower crying. 


CNCO with Meghan Trainor & Sean Paul – “Hey DJ” (Song)

If they threw out Sean Paul, this collaboration would be real fire. CNCO added him and Meghan Trainor to a remix of their massively popular song, “Hey DJ,” a track that amassed more than 500 million streams on Spotify. The remix will certainly breathe new life into the track. I’m just messing with you. It’s not great. Click play anyway, will ya?

Imagine Dragons – “Bad Liar” (Song)

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds says the band’s new tune, “Bad Liar,” details his near-divorce with wife Aja Volkman. The two never signed the divorce papers – instead they put their pen to paper and wrote “Bad Liar,” a severely earnest anthem about that terrible, sinking feeling when a relationship nearly goes down in flames. The track is the opener on the group’s new album, Origins, out now. Now you know:

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