Happy New Music Friday: July 13, 2018 (if you’re reading this on a Saturday/Sunday get your life).

Happy New Music Friday: July 13, 2018 (if you’re reading this on a Saturday/Sunday get your life).


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Hi fam. Welcome to BreatheHeavy’s third New Music Friday post courtesy of Spotify (low-key shocked I’ve kept this going for three weeks now go me).

Every Friday, I’ll share with you Spotify’s updated playlist of the most-recently released songs. You call it lazy, I call it efficient.

It’s not possible to fill you in on the ENDLESS stream of songs that spill onto the Internet every Friday (I just don’t want to), but this means you are quite possibly missing out on some very good new tunes, and that’s not the tea.


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MØ & Diplo – “Sun In Our Eyes”

MØ and Diplo are a dream team. Everything they create is music magic (fight me). Their latest release is no exception. On “Sun In Our Eyes,” the Danish singer’s raspy vocals melt over Diplo’s summery production. “Sun” is the first release off MØ’s forthcoming sophomore album, Forever Neverland, due out on October 19th.



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Black Eyed Peas – “Get It”

It doesn’t feature Fergie. #Woke


Tinashe – “Like I Used To”

Tinashe’s breakup with NBA star Ben Simmons is a bit of a mess. There are reports claiming T is following him and new girlfriend Kendall Jenner, so she decided to defend herself through song. “Like I Used To” is a mid-tempo breakup bop about lingering regrets. “This s–t too easy like a free-throw/ This s–t might blow up like some C4.” Tinashe knows her ex is dating a reality TV star whose family is notorious for planting stories. Nope, she’s not falling for it.



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Mary J Blige – “Only Love”

I never expected to hear Mary J Blige sing over disco-inspired pop production, but I’m glad this exists. “I’ve been in the studio working on new music and was excited to share a little bit with you all,” Mary wrote in an Instagram post. “I had a year of so many ups and downs and have come out the other side with a renewed spirit and a fresh perspective. I’m entering my next chapter with an open mind and heart.”


Benny Blanco featuring Khalid & Halsey – “Eastside”

Benny Blanco has crafted some seriously massive songs (Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” Britney’s “Circus,” Rihanna’s “Diamonds”), but the super-producer is setting his sights set on a solo career. Blanco tapped Khalid and Halsey for his laidback new tune, “Eastside” (it’s worth mentioning Ed Sheeran co-wrote it and Cashmere Cat co-produced with Benny). The song details a sad romance. A.K.A. relatable to all Millennials.



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Allie X – “Not So Bad In LA”

Allie X’s new song is menacing pop at its finest. Over a brooding beat, the singer laments over L.A.’s lame life-style. “In a city that lives while its bright stars die / And you start to get old when you turn 25. Where else can you go when you’ve got that drive,” she sings over ominous production. Eventually, Allie decides L.A. isn’t all that bad. Let’s agree to disagree.


Lil Kim – “Nasty One”

An auto-tuned Lil Kim goes IN on new song “Nasty One,” the first single off her forthcoming fifth studio album (out in November). It’s a bop, but I wonder how it’ll translate on stage. No matter – not going to affect my twerk game.


Honorable mentions include Norah Jones, Mac Miller, Childish Gambino, deadmau5 and All Saints.



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