NEW MUSIC: Ciara – “Dance Like We’re Making Love”

April 27, 2015 By Nick

CiCi gives us a pop tune from her upcoming album!


Ciara releases “Dance Like We’re Making Love” from her upcoming album

Just a week before her new album hits stores, Ciara gives fans a special treat by releasing the Dr. Luke-produced “Dance Like We’re Making Love,” which may or may not be the next single (there are conflicting reports).

“Dance” is a soft-yet-hard-hitting jam that will without a doubt be a classic in Ciara’s growing discography. The small growl in Ciara’s voice on the pre-chorus just gives me chills! She might even be channeling Michael Jackson in this cut.

It’s really late / You’re getting close and the lights are off / You’re body is in-sync to the beat of my heart / And I can feel your nature rising while I unwind on you

Check out the stellar track from CiCi below, and pre-order Jackie on iTunes.

Do you like “Dance Like We’re Making Love?”