Once again this is not Britney right now, she is very busy. She asked me to go online and inform you about adding music to your page that IS NOT posted on Britney’s Official Music Page.

If you have any music on your page that was not posted on Britney’s official music page(http://myspace.com/britneyspears) or if you uploaded your own Britney music, LEGAL ACTIONS WILL BE TAKEN! As most of you have seen Universal Records is planning on sueing myspace for copyrite issues. So please take any music that isn’t from Britney’s official music page off your page!

Britney doesn’t want any of her fans to get into any kind of trouble, that is why she told me to inform you on this. Here is what Britney had to say:

“Hey fans, Please make sure you delete any songs on your page that are not from my Official Myspace Music Profile. I have no problems with this because I know its all for support and likings of my music but many record companies have been taking legal action. Of course, I wouldn’t want any of my fans to get into that kind of mess just for being a dedicated fan. So I’m warning you NOW please remove all music ASAP! Also, If you know of anyone who has uploaded a music fan page, please tell them to delete their music!

I love ya’ll and you know how much I appreciate all the support and fan pages but this is for your own good, okay?

Add my Official Music Page and add the music from that page on your page!



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