Britney posted a message to fans on her Twitter about upcoming “Circus” tickets Britney is giving away, saying:

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Tuesday at 2pm EST by @britneyspears
Tonight’s the night! But, what happened to the light? -Britney Pass to @xl1067

Here are all of the previous clues:

Monday at 5:00pm EST by @britneyspears:
On the way to Orlando! Follow @xl1067 for clues to find a pair of Ringside Seats starting tomorrow morning at 8am.

Tuesday at 8:00am EST by @britneyspears:
Ringside seats in Orlando would be sweet. But, you won’t find these on any normal street. -Britney Pass to @xl1067

Tuesday at 10am EST by @xl1067
History won’t wait. Play now or it’ll be too late. -XL Pass to @britneyspears

Tuesday at 12pm EST by @britneyspears:
If you Seek Orlando Ringside seats, you’ll need to watch out for lightning. -Britney Pass to @xl1067

Tuesday at 1pm EST by @xl1067
Britney’s right… it was shocking that night. -XL Pass to @britneyspears

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