Dear Fans,

Wow! I know I’ve said we’ve had a whirlwind week before, but this one took the cake! We were ALL surprised!! And that’s really saying something because it is very unlike Britney to be able to keep a secret. My first reaction was shock and then lingering thoughts of “what about her dress?” “what about the other plans?” and so on. Then I started thinking about how Jamie Lynn was getting her hair done and would be late to the ceremony! It’s quite a distance from the hair salon to the wedding site and we were all getting antsy, but then Jamie Lynn arrived and we hurried to get her ready. There were happy tears and “congratulations” all at the same time. I must say, even with all the unexpected- it was a very beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony. We had a brilliant wedding planner. You know, the kind of wedding Britney had- small & intimate, with a grand celebration in the works for later, was always my dream and I couldn’t have been happier with how Britney and Kevin chose to do it. I haven’t forgotten about sending the fan club wedding photos– Britney and I are sorting through them and will have some for you all to see very soon!

On top of it all, Britney and Kevin have a brand new beautiful home which they are going to be moving into. Besides being a gorgeous house, the location is actually what we love about it most. It reminds us of the kind of landscaping you would find in rural Mississippi- with the creek, trees and overgrown greenery. Getting their home in order will be Britney’s next project.

Jamie Lynn is back in her usual day to day school routine with ball games, cheerleading and school work. It’s been wonderful having Britney and Kevin with us at home for a while. We’ve even all had a few fun moments with the paparazzi!

Thanks to all of you who’ve purchased Britney’s “Curious” products- we’ve heard the stores have surpassed their sales goals, so thank you again!! Also, “My Prerogative” hit number 2 on TRL last week- yeah! Keep voting, fans!

Finally, I’m sure you’ve heard how excited Britney is about communicating with all of you directly through her website and fan club. So, this is going to be my final “Lynne’s Corner” for a while. I’ll still be doing little projects here and there for the website and fan club- so it will be something fresh and new for us all! Thanks for all of your love and support fans, and thanks for reading- I have enjoyed filling you all in on the many events of the Spears family.

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