Dear Fans,

Here we are, almost in the middle of July – where does the time go? Summer is almost over but it feels like it just began. Between Bryan, Britney and Jamie Lynn – this summer has been a wild ride!

Britney has started doing physical therapy every day and she’s concentrating on 1 thing – getting her knee well. She’s been waking up, doing little things around the apartment in the morning, going to physical therapy in the afternoon and then has down time at night. She is enjoying her down time so much and has been enjoying doing normal, everyday things. She’s also been helping Jamie Lynn with little projects for her show.

Britney cleaned out her closet the other day and has sent 12 boxes of stuff home to Louisiana! Some will be for Laura Lynn, Jansen & Courtney and all the rest will be sent to Goodwill. Aunt Sandra’s job over the next few weeks will be to divide up all of the stuff.

Britney and I have been doing mother and daughter trips all over California trying to find just the right house for her and Kevin. We think we might have found the right one.

Jamie Lynn is working steadily on her new show. The set where she has been filming is beautiful and she’s got a great cast. She met Emma Roberts from another new show on Nickelodeon. They have done some press & photoshoots together and seem to really have hit it off.

Also, Jamie Lynn went surfing, but Britney surely couldn’t go. She just had to listen to all the excitement taking place over the phone.

The Elizabeth Arden fragrance plans are going wonderfully. I’ve seen the photo’s of Britney they are going to use for the campaign launch and they are breathtakingly beautiful. I also have my first sample bottle of the perfume at the apartment and I love it so much, I’ve been wearing it everyday.

Last, but not least, the puppies are growing each day. Lacy is the very active one of the two. She’s doing O-K with her potty training and Ally is doing wonderful with hers! (In case you were wondering.)

Oh well, I guess I’ll finish up for now – but I will send another update soon. Britney sends her love and says she wants to know what all you fans have been up to during your summer break. So, create a link on one of the fan club message boards and fill us in with how you have been spending your summer vacation!!

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