“What mom really thinks about Jamie Lynn and Britney’s problems.” That headline doesn’t bug me, cause let’s be honest… it’s freakin’ Life & Style, like… who cares what they say. The part that does creep me out a little is the “Exclusive Interview” above the headline. I assume they’re full of ****, and Lynne didn’t say anything to them, and if she did it was hopefully telling them to **** off. Well… I’m sure she said it a little more eloquently. Maybe not. The exclusive interview is probably one of their janitors who just happened to be walking by, and was asked by the desperate intern writing this story what they thought of Britney & Jamie Lynn’s problems. Ya heard?

Poor Lynne. I just want to give her a hug.

Update: I tried. I tried giving her the benefit of the doubt. But she did it. She really did give an interview saying: “I’m a bit disappointed that my youngest daughter got pregnant at such an early age. All I can do is turn to God for answers and just leave it in his hands.”

But despite her frustration over the situation Jamie Lynn has gotten herself into, Lynne is trying to look on the bright side. “Jamie Lynn will be a wonderful mother,” she says. “She really has a way with children — she’s a natural nurturer. I just wish she had waited a bit.”

When it comes to Britney — who ended her long estrangement from her mom after leaving the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center on Feb. 6 — Lynne offered love and support. She also said she believes the key to solving the troubled pop star’s problems lies in her spending more time with her sons, Sean, 2, and Jayden, 1.

“I pray for Britney every day to be a better mother,” Lynne told Life & Style. “She’s gone through a lot of trauma, but she seems to be coming out of it — and it’s showing in her relationship with the boys. They’re really bonding.”

As for the future, Lynne remains hopeful for both daughters, telling Life & Style, “I think 2008 will be a better year for all of us.”

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