Here are this week’s scans of Life & Style Weekly about Britney staying sober and off drugs – as if there is any substantial proof she was on any to begin with. Fat Tony doesn’t count as a human being, let alone a testimonial.

“Britney’s commitment to staying clean is clearly paying off. ‘Physically she’s begun to heal… In the bigger picture, there are no more manic episodes – she’s not staying in hotels, she’s not hanging around people who aren’t good for her,’ says an insider… ‘She believes that if she works like hell, she’ll have them back with her at least 50% of the time.’

“She’s also fighting to get her career back, and everyone is wondering what she’ll do at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 9. ‘She knows she screwed up,’ says a friend. ‘So she wants to show everyone what she can do. It’s comeback time!’

Click the picture below to access the entire set:

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