Check out Britney in the latest issue of Life & Style Weekly. The story discusses Britney’s upcoming documentary, and explains the motives behind the 90 minute MTV exclusive. “She knows that to make it back to where she was,” says an insider, “she really needs to connect with fans. She’s trying to get it right this time.”

“This would be edited to show Britney in the best possible light – to show how healthy and supposedly normal she is these days. Britney’s father, Jamie, and Brit’s team would have control over every single piece of footage that made it on the air.”

Lucky for us, Britney reportedly does have a say in what will appear in the documentary, as well as the “making of the album” DVD launching with the album in December. “She is totally on top of what’s happening now,” says the insider. “Nobody’s forcing her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. She’s approving what she wants and turning down what she doesn’t.” (Here comes the but.)

But they’re not giving her too much power. “By controlling what footage gets out there on her,” says another insider, “her team is avoiding her greatest fear right now: Britney alone with an interviewer. If she were to burst into tears or say the wrong thing, they’d be back to square one.”

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