Check out Britney in the latest issue of Life & Style magazine.

Inside are details to Britney’s alleged reaction to finding out Kevin’s new girlfriend, Victoria Prince, is getting close with Brit’s two sons Sean Preston & Jayden James.

“Britney knows all about Victoria,” says a family friend. “But it’s what she doesn’t know that tears her apart. She’s not sure if this woman is changing their diapers or singing to them at night or what. She just knows there’s someone else doing these things for the boys.”

“She [Victoria] was very hands-on with the boys,” an onlooker tells Life & Style. “She spent a lot of time carrying Jayden in her arms.” While Kevin proudly videotaped them, Victoria and the kids played in the snow and went sledding on a plastic toboggan” last week in the Northern California mountains.

“Britney’s kids are her life,” the insider explains. “Seeing someone else caring for them like this – holding them, comforting them – will absolutely devastate her.”

And according to, “Britney was distraught, says a source close to Kevin, 30, after seeing photos of her sons in Prince’s arms at the Japanese Kitchen Steak & Seafood house in Kevin’s hometown of Fresno, on Jan. 19.

Victoria, 27, has been “cuddling the kids and playing mommy with them,” a source tells OK!. “Things are very serious between Victoria and Kevin,” said the source. “At first Brit was mad, then she broke down in tears.”

“She hates the thought of this woman mothering her sons,” the source says. “She’s afraid Victoria will take her place. And it’s tearing her up inside.” Scans courtesy of UTB. Click below to view:

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