Here is Britney on the cover of Life & Style. The title says “Baby Drama! – Britney’s rushed to the hospital after a night partying with Kevin. IS THE BABY OK?” Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s relationship seems to have taken a turn for the better — the newly-rekindled lovebirds celebrated Kevin’s 28th birthday with a bash in Las Vegas on March 21. They jetted to Atlanta, where Kevin promoted his upcoming album, Playing With Fire, and Brit spent time in the studio. The only catch? Britney’s friends and family worry that while her relationship with Kevin is improving, she’s been running herself ragged, neglecting not only her health but also the health of her unborn baby!

Case in point: Hours after Britney and Kevin danced and partied up a storm at Kevin’s birthday party, Brit was rushed to a clinic, complaining of stomach cramps. “The doctor told her that because she’s pregnant, she should be taking it easy and not partying to all hours,” claims a family friend.

“Her family is very concerned,” says the friend. Adds another, “She keeps complaining that she’s exhausted. Well, take care of yourself then!”

Will Britney listen to her friends and family’s advice? And what about the baby? Pick up the latest issue of Life & Style to find out these details and more

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