Check out the latest issue of Life & Style Weekly, which details Britney’s closely monitored life as of late.

According to the issue, Britney’s dad Jamie is still worried that Britney is “not ready to cope on her own.”

“He’s not trying to embarrass her,” an insider reveals. “But he doesn’t think she can handle being out and about by herself yet. So unless she goes out with Jamie or someone Jamie trusts… Britney isn’t allowed to go. He doesn’t want to see his daughter get hurt – and he really doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of her comeback.”

As for her conservatorship? “Originally, everyone thought Britney would be on her own again by December,” a friend of Britney explains. “But it was becoming clear she wasn’t ready for that. When Jamie told her about the permanent conservatorship, there were some tears, but she took it very well.”

“She hates that she’s still struggling and may need medication the rest of her life,” continued a family insider. “But she’s starting to accept that it’s just part of who she is. At this point, she’ll do anything to get better and get her boys back.”

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