As you can see, has now slipped into something a little more comfortable. The photo used above I would like to thank Matt for getting me if in a higher resolution that has not been released yet. Also to Tom for doing such a great job at updating! And my host eric for putting up with me for these past few months haha. If there are any errors, email me at [email protected] and let me know. Try staying away from using Mozilla while viewing this, it seems to be a very tiny bit off, but doesn’t really affect anything. I suggest internet explorer or aol, but if it looks fine in whatever you use, that’s fine w/ me. I TOTALLY cleaned out the subsections, and Ill add more icons and wallpapers and stuff in time. In a few weeks I’ll design new layouts for the gallery, lyrix, and grafix sections. Go check out all the subsections for the MEDIA and SITE sections. Well I hope you all enjoy the new layout, and stick with for more news and photo updates and so much more.

p.s. – if you think the font is too small (i think it looks way better like this), if you are using internet explorer, go to VIEW>TEXT SIZE and choose what you like. enjoy!

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