New Layout

February 27, 2006 By Jordan Miller

I tried something new, and I really hope you like it. I KNOW that it is not like the all the layouts I have had on breatheheavy, and the page IS smaller, I am aware, but I was going for a new look just for fun. It turned out pretty cool I thought. I mean… how could you go wrong with W magazine pictures and a ‘Showdown’ lyric, right? Check out the newly re-done subsections (media, site, britney) located in the navigation section above! Also want to give a shout out to my new host for helping me with so many problems that I’ve had while switching hosts, I really appreciate it! I really hope you guys like the new layout, and if you don’t than wait a month or so and there will be a new layout for you. But please, let’s try to leave out the negative comments ok? Alright take it easy you guys, and stay tuned to for the latest updates on Britney Spears.