New Lady Gaga Snippet Or...?

Lady Gaga says jazz saved her, but it appears she might give pop music a second chance.

It’s no secret Mother Monster’s enjoying performing jazz with Tony Bennett all over the world. Their album, “Cheek To Cheek,” shot to number one, she’s exponentially grown as an artist and hinted at recording a second jazz album before considering making another pop record.

Not so fast, though. Gaga IS full of surprises! And glitter. And the occasional ARTPOP paint vomit (she defended it on Howard Stern and I’m going to roll with that).

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While driving the streets of New York today, Gaga posted a cryptic video of her in a car with unknown music playing. Reading through the hundreds of comments on that vid, I can’t decide whether Lady Bennett is playing around with / recording a new song or is trolling.

Let the speculation begin:

A video posted by @ladygaga on

Her ARTPOP could mean anything.